Alpha – What’s coming in the next 3 months?

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d kick off this blog with a little post about where we’re at with #alpha after about a month of talking!

Let me recap the vision ; the first phase of #alpha will always be to get Indian Pop (IPOP) music into the global markets.

Why? Well, there are enough Indian people on this planet to make this happen – but plenty of root causes as to why it isn’t so today.

The role that I will play in this vision is simple… to win the hearts and minds of people and to ensure the future that I imagine is embedded strongly within the people.

This means that I need to keep thinking 5-10 years ahead, while at the same time unblock the pathway for my team to execute what’s in front of us today.


But enough about vision for today, lets talk about how we’re getting there with a roadmap of what the next 3 months are looking like.

There are 3 key focus areas for #alpha in the coming 3 months, and it is crucial that we deliver ALL of these focus areas to ensure that we build trust among the people, move in the direction of the vision as well as secure enough investment to carry this vision ahead at pace. Remember, this vision will carry on with or without external investors… I intended to put my heart, soul and money where my mouth is to make sure we get there ; but investment will help us get there quicker!

So here are the focus areas:

  1. Indian Pop (IPOP) music video for Teri Hasi. – We have just seen the release of teri hasi. on Valentines day, the plan is to create a “medium budget” IPOP video as a proof of concept for the #alpha vision
    In the next 3 months – we hope to have the music video completed (shot in either New Zealand / Fiji) and directed by local talent from Auckland and a female lead from Mumbai, India ; ready for the #alpha Auckland launch event!
  2. Investment Engine – ie. the beginnings of #alphaNFT – We are currently looking at a simple prototype and launching a beta test for #alphaNFT – however, because NFT’s are not yet globally accepted at scale / crypto is currently on a lull – we will be focusing on the investment engine aspect of this development. Ideally, we need 10 investors that are willing to put USD$5K+ ; with this engine providing returns within the first 4 months…
    In the next 3 months, we want to have this engine ready along with the investors to be able to commit and provide retunrs in the next quarter.
  3. #alpha Auckland launch event – I always prefer to aim high, in the next 3 months and upon the back of completing points (1) and (2), alpha would like to schedule a launch event including a panel of local talent. We hope for government and New Zealand influencer presence at this event to showcase IPOP to the country at scale.

I hope to keep you updated as to our progress along the way, please stay tuned on this blog to hear more!


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