alpha – Coming soon to Auckland and Mumbai in 2023

“Imagine a future where independent artists, film makers, lyricists, actors and creatives in general can do what they love, without the stress of money, peer and family pressure and judgement and backed by the right infrastructure to succeed”

~ Why is it that India has the worlds largest population (of 1.5B+) and presence in every country around the globe yet we are considered a “minority”?

~ Why is it that India is the worlds largest population yet there is literally no artist in the global top 40?

~ Why is it that the Indian passport is weaker than so many other nations despite our economic and political power?

My name is Arjun (aka the aj sound) and when I was 9 years old, my parents brought me from Mumbai to Auckland, New Zealand to live a life full of opportunity. While this did provide a great foundation, I always felt the music industry in the western world was just as bad, if not “worse” than the Indian Industry full of gatekeepers and corruption.
The questions above have had a significant impact to mine and other artists self belief and well being over the course of my life.

#alpha aims to solve the root causes ; and provides free information to artists to help independent artists EXPLODE.

The business model will change, #alpha will take no ownership of your masters and take a very small % of the royalties (giving you majority share and copyright to do what you want with your music)

#alpha will provide mentoring, mindset and psychiatric services to help young independent artists build the resilience they need to make it big!

#alpha will be the first global operation in the WEB3 music space making it easy for artists with little financial backing to mint and sell NFTs

#alpha will put IPOP (Indian pop music) on the map globally, just like Reggaeton and K-Pop, but more relevant to our Desi audience worldwide.

Coming soon to Auckland and Mumbai in 2023, for now enjoy the free info on #alphaBytes podcast – DAILY episodes.




I want you to be the best you. My music, my coaching and my podcast #beYOU will help you get there!

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