Kicking off his music career in 2020 was a risk that paid off for Kiwi singer/songwriter/producer, theajsound.

The newcomer started his career in the 2010s during the early days of SoundCloud, when creating mixes was a passion of his. He often worked and swapped beats with fellow producers, including the likes of Kygo.

Just two months into his official 2020 launch theajsound was approached by international producers Myris, Shivam Bhatia and PULLER (owner of Italian indie label Diamantid Records) to work on their track Be With You.

Since then, the trio boasted a number of releases which amassed more than 1 million streams on Spotify and landed on international iTunes and Apple charts.

theajsound’s very first mainstream radio play came in late 2020 with his fifth single SORROW., which played on hip hop and RnB station, Mai FM.

Portugese producer Tom Enzy then came across theajsound’s Lemonade cover and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Now, in 2021, at a time when more than 60,000 songs are released every day theajsound feels that he’s found his groove.

Earlier this year he broke through onto Rolling Stone for his song HEARTLESS., released with Kiwi rapper MC Culprit.

His aim is to help his listeners find their groove, with a number of dance songs and remixes to come before the end of the year.

The ambitious producer is constantly lifting the bar for himself and is now looking towards the next year, and where he can take the pop era next.

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