Singer-songwriter theajsound has long been winning the hearts of everyone around him, with his bountiful energy and musical mastery.

As soon as his fingers hit those guitar strings, the Kiwi singer is unflappable and unstoppable.

theajsound quickly topped to YouTube fame when his cover with Shirley Setia hit more than 11 million views around the world, bringing thousands of fans with it.

Collaborating with international artists in Australia, New Zealand and India, people all over the world have long admired his music.

In 2019, he brought hit cover after hit cover, including Ali Gatie’s It’s You and Say to You; Post Malone’s Circles; catchy Ed Sheeran mashups and a collaboration with country artist Keith Pereira on Khalid’s Saturday Nights.

theajsound’s songs are now streaming on all major platforms worldwide.

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