Har Janam. By theajsound

About Us

Bringing the gift of Indian Pop Music (IPOP) to the world.

“Why is it that India has a population of 1.7B+ across the globe but not a single artist consistently in the Global Top 50?”

“Why is it that amazing talent all around us cannot flourish and thrive, but instead are judged in society and limited by our constraints such as full time work?”

My name is Arjun (aka the-aj-sound) and I was born in Mumbai and grew up in New Zealand. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, founder, coach and visionary and the impact the above questions have had on my well being, and ability to “believe” in my self has been significant over the course of my life.

My vision for India, and Indian Pop (IPOP) is global… just like K-POP and Reggaeton (Spanish) ; the gift of Indian Music deserves to be heard en-mass.


Want theajsound to produce / mix and master or collaborate on your next song to take it to the next level?

More packages coming soon, contact me for additional requirements, questions or bespoke packages.

The Artist - USD $800

This service is best for new and emerging artists. Send me a demo or reference track + your vocals

The Rapper - USD $200

This service is best for rappers who already have a beat and vocal and just require a vocal mix and...

SHOCK Therapy - USD $2000 (4 hour blocks)

Hire theajsound and utilise his skillset in any way you like, theajsound's style is real and to the point - you will go far, but only if you're read and can handle it!


I will drop a verse and my backing vocals however you will need to add “theajsound” as a main artist + 50% royalties

Blow Me Up

This comes free with all packages, it includes social media blasts via TikTok / Reels on Instagram and shorts on Youtube on theajsound’s main channel!

Make It A Banger

Full disclosure ; My focus is music production, writing and vocals. So while I mix and master your track – it can be bumped even further with an industry standard mix and master from DJ Tom Enzy.

"I have a vision to make India known for the culture, wealth and spirituality that it can bring to the world"


- theajsound