Giving the world the gift of Indian Pop (I-POP).

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Want Theajsound to Produce on your next song

Music Production - INR 40K

Includes music production, mix and master. Take your song to another level.

Mix and Master - INR 10K

Provide the stems and THE AJ SOUND himself will mix and master your track to radio quality.


Singer, Composer, Producer


soaked in you. by theajsound

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About Me

Let's put Indian Pop music (IPOP) on the global top 40!

My name is Arjun (aka THE AJ SOUND) and I was born in Mumbai and grew up in New Zealand. I am a singer, composer and producer.

My vision is to take Indian Pop (I-POP) to the globe… just like K-POP and Reggaeton (Spanish) ; Indian Music deserves to be heard en-mass.