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This service is best for new and emerging artists. Send me a demo or reference track + your vocals

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About Me

Let's put Indian Pop music (IPOP) on the global top 40!

My name is Arjun (aka the-aj-sound) and I was born in Mumbai and grew up in New Zealand. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, director, coach and visionary and the impact the above questions have had on my well being, and ability to “believe” in my self has been significant over the course of my life.

My vision for India, and Indian Pop (I-POP) is global… just like K-POP and Reggaeton (Spanish) ; Indian Music deserves to be heard en-mass.

the AJ Sound


About Alpha
Alpha Music is the industry leader in bringing Indian Pop music to the world. I-POP. This is the future of music… a generation beyond Z.Alpha Music is created by theajsound.This podcast focuses on building up local talent to be able to piece the global market and make an impact on humans. #alpha #alphaBytes #theajsound


the AJ Sound


About Podcast
Mindset has had a massive impact on humanity. That is undeniable. 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be talking about values, culture and mindset in organisation and in society. This has definitely been a step in the right direction.

The direction of this podcast (#beYou) will be focusing on humanity’s leap toward consciousness.

News & Update

Alpha – What’s coming in the next 3 months?

Hi everyone, I thought I’d kick off this blog with a little post about where we’re at with #alpha after about a month of talking! Let me recap the vision ; the first phase of #alpha will always be to get Indian Pop (IPOP) music into the global markets. Why?

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alpha – Coming soon to Auckland and Mumbai in 2023

“Imagine a future where independent artists, film makers, lyricists, actors and creatives in general can do what they love, without the stress of money, peer and family pressure and judgement and backed by the right infrastructure to succeed” ~ Why is it that India has the worlds largest population (of

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